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Who we are and why Charlotte Elizabeth Organics

We are active people, avidly involved in athletics, community, and running around caring for children, families and pets. We are also people who have broad academic and industrial expertise in skin science, molecular biology, pharmaceutical chemistry and engineering. In fact, we hold earned doctorates in these fields.

Our backgrounds and interests make us naturally inquisitive about skin care products; in essence what they contain, what they claim to do, and how they perform. After a lot of research, a lot of talking, and a lot of reaching out to others we came up with a list of the most desirable features of ideal skin care products. Here is our list:

* Powerful moisturizing activity to counteract the effects of active outdoor life styles

* Calm the itch and irritation from working out, and day to day stresses

* Promote a healthy glow that reflects the joy of life and unquenchable optimism

* Non-greasy feel, quick spreading, and without stickiness

* Safe for the sensitive skin of babies, children, and the elderly

* Free of artificial, synthetic chemicals that can harm skin

* Protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution

* Friendly to our environment.

You probably have already guessed what happened next. To make a long story short, we could not find products with all the features on our list. So, to make an even longer story short (actually years in the making), we founded Findeau Skincare Company and created Charlotte Elizabeth Organics skin care products to fulfill the goals of our list.

Have we succeeded in creating products that raise the bar for the performance of modern skin care products? We think that we have and invite you to see for yourself.

One more thing, why the name Charlotte Elizabeth? Simple answer, we chose strong, time-honored names to reflect our time-honored-values of honesty, compassion, and service. We are modern to our cores, and to us, building on a solid foundation of the best of the past is as modern as it gets.